Here’s some feedback from a variety of clients, to show what people love about my work. If you’re thinking of working with me, or have any questions about what I do and the way that I work, please don’t hesitate to  get in touch.

I am truly lost for words, it is STUNNING…Thank you so much.

You have lifted me up and made me see myself as the strong woman in that picture, I adore it, it’s amazing!

J. F.

I can not tell you enough how brilliant they are, to actually capture someone’s character traits in a painting is phenomenal, this is the best Christmas present ever thank you so much

S. V-F.

“Kristin has given me so much confidence and allowed me to fly with my painting in a way that I didn’t think was possible.”


If you’re in the Yateley Hampshire area on tri-county border of Surrey/Berks/Hants and are looking for a little art help or a private lesson…and her prices are far too low.

I cannot recommend Kristin Rawcliffe highly enough. She came to me yesterday and I couldn’t have asked for more. Kind, considerate, sweet, bossy, and incredibly knowledgable about her subject… this case acrylic.

As artists it’s always great to talk to other artists and grow and learn…just wonderful

THANKYOU very much


“The analysis is really important to me, finding out what works and what doesn’t, as I’ve always had to analyse outcomes as part of my job.
In addition, in painting, as in cooking, it’s important to be able to rescue paintings that go wrong and lessons give me greater confidence to tackle my homemade disasters!
I have learnt a lot about colour mixing too and of course positive encouragement is so important.”


Being the recipient of this I am overwhelmed with such a gift. I think you have captured a time in my life exquisitely. You have a real talent. Thank you.


The portrait of Gus was a great success, R was blown away by the likeness and the pic is hanging in the hallway where they pass all the time and stop to smile when they do. Thanks again for making our Christmas so special.


“The home is now complete, thank you. We LOVE it, truly Kristin, it has LIFE! It isn’t just normal ”


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