Passions – Superpowers of Everyday People – Exhibition

‘Passions’ is a series of oil paintings exploring how the talents of everyday people shine through and mark out their individuality when they pursue them with passion.  It intends to celebrate what we are capable of and the joy using our talents bring us.

I interviewed and sketched my subjects to observe their mannerisms and allow them to relax and enjoy talking about or participating in their subject. Read more about my portrait preparation process.

Whilst painting, I wanted to use different effects to capture the movement of the subjects, as well as using vibrant colour to convey their emotions. I’ve written about some of the subjects I painted as my work progressed.

I have a number of subjects ready to paint to expand this series further, and would love to keep adding to it to expand on the different types of talents I’ve already painted.


Here are some things people had to say about ‘Passions’:

An amazing show, such skill and wonderful colour. Truly beautiful.


Wonderful passion captured and glorious colour.

L. B.

Visited this show on opening night – amazing! Thoroughly love every one! Brilliant artist, I look forward to future shows.

I. H.

‘Passions’ was shown at Nolias Gallery, 60 Great Suffolk St, Bankside, London SE1 0BL from 16-20 October 2018.

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