As I’ve been painting lots of them, I thought I’d add oil on paper portraits to the selection of commissions that I offer. You can have a look in my online gallery in the ‘portraits’ section at the paintings marked ‘Oil on paper’ to see what I’ve been up to.

I paint these paintings ‘alla prima’ (all in one go, wet-on-wet) in oil paint. This requires lots of patience and skill, and differs from building up layers in oil on canvas and allowing the paint to dry between sessions. It involves getting the marks right first time to give a fresh, spontaneous effect.

I use highest quality oil paints and Arches oil paper which has been made for generations especially for use by oil painters.

If you’d like to commission a painting, I need a good, clear head and shoulders shot, ideally with light and shade on the face.
I’ve written a blog post about how to take a good reference photo for portraits.

I can also discuss coming to talk to the subject and take my own photos, over a two hour period. The fee for this depends on your location.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about commissioning a painting.

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