I finally had a chance to get some painting done during August; it’s been a busy few months and it was good to get back to the canvas.

Marilyn commission


Marilyn Monroe - acrylic on canvas boardOne of the brilliant things about art group (well the one I go to anyway) is that it pushes you out of your comfort zone and gets you to paint subjects you wouldn’t normally tackle, which can sometimes pay off when you least expect it.
I wasn’t sure how to tackle ‘Iconic people or places’ theme, but I went with it. In fact a little painting of Marilyn in acrylic I did on the night proved popular and I was asked to recreate it in a larger size. I also slightly transposed the colours to better match the décor in the client’s house, having tried out several combinations, the client wanted a slightly more orange/yellow version then my pink original. I did a small colour test on canvas board to plan out the new colours; magenta/deep orange became red/yellow and pale turquoise became King’s blue.

With both paintings I used brushes and a credit card to apply an abstract background that ignored the borders and outlines of Marilyn’s face, before marking in her features in both light and dark colours.

I like the colours of the larger version, I think they show some of the ice and fire of Marilyn’s persona.
I enjoyed painting this, it’s very different to my oil paintings but I think I’ll try the style with some different famous people. Maybe a series?


Portrait of Sarah – work in progress


Sarah kindly responded to a call I put out asking for models who are performers to pose so I can get some portraits painted. She is a silhouettiste, and performs at functions cutting people’s profile portraits. She cut my portrait and she’s amazing, she had it finished in minutes!

She dresses up to do her job in a kind of steampunk/Victorian style and posed for me in her beautiful sitting room.

This oil painting isn’t finished, but I thought I’d share my progress.


Zoe jumping – work in progress


Some months ago I painted a picture of Zoe from a photoshoot I did with her after she kindly agreed to model for me. I think she’s a talented vibrant person and I particularly wanted to paint her pink hair. I was only intending to paint one picture but two images really appealed to me and  I’ve just started painting up the original idea I had for my painting of her, I liked both the colour and the sense of joy as she jumped. I’ve got a lot to do on this one. I don’t completely want to lose the pink colour that I used for the underpainting, I would like it to show through in a few more places than in the hair. The background is still a bit of a mystery, I like the colour but feel it needs a bit more than just a swirl of colour. I’m intending ot go with the flow and see where it takes me!


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