My big news is that I’m about to go back to university to study for an MA in Fine Art. I applied last year and was accepted just before lockdown. I have spent lockdown wondering whether or not the course would go ahead, but it is, and I am negotiating the enrolment process and surfing my feelings of terror and excitement.

Why go back to study? It’s something I’ve been thinking about long and hard, and have considered before. I didn’t know if it would be possible for me to study art again for various reasons, but I feel strongly that I have more learning to do and that feeling won’t go away.
I am hoping to really investigate why I paint and what it is I want to paint. At the moment I know that I am driven by emotion and movement and colour and bodies and faces and stories, but that is all a bit vague and I’d like to pin it down a bit more and be able to make a cohesive body of work based on sound reasoning; something that has a bit more meaning and depth.
The course lasts for a full year. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to spend six months of my study time creating work for an exhibition. Part of the reason I decided to go ahead and apply was the idea of the rare opportunity to create uninterrupted for six months…then along came Covid and it happened in advance!

Another reason I want to study further is the opportunity to explore the ‘professional’ art world of galleries and exhibiting, as well as meeting lots of art professionals. I have spent many years practising art mostly locked away in my son’s old bedroom, and I know that I have my best success when I ‘get out there’ and meet people. Though this is probably the bit I’m most nervous about (along with the essay writing!)
When I applied for the course, I had to give an outline idea of what my dissertation would be about. I am pretty unclear about this as it’s been nine years since I wrote an essay and 28 years since I wrote an art essay, but I plan to write about art and motherhood. I’m not quite sure what angle I’m going to look at it from, and whether the essay topic will extend to my painting. I’d like it to. I have lots of thoughts and feelings about mothering and motherhood that I’d like to paint, it has been the major part of my life since I dropped out of art school first time round aged twenty.

Anyway. Right now I’m dipping into the Facebook groups and chat for new students to try to find a prospective course mate (I haven’t found any yet..!) and looking at planners and stationery, I’ve even bought a pair of doc martens that have lacerated my diabetic toes…let’s hope this is the start of bigger and better art rather than a midlife crisis. Wish me luck, I’ll keep you posted!




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