Well, the exhibition is over, I’m just about recovered from the lurgy, so it’s time to start thinking about my next series of work.
One of the main things I learned from my exhibition was how satisfying it is to work in series so I do want to make sure I keep doing this rather than flitting from subject to subject. Having said that, there a few themes that I’m interested in following up.

A ‘Depression’ collection

Reference sketchI know it’s not cheerful, but I think I still have a lot more to explore following on from a painting I did a couple of years ago following my husband’s battle with depression.

I don’t want it to be portraits of people as such, but portraits of how people feel. Life can be overwhelming and I think the idea of having an image that relates to how people deal with these feelings could be very powerful.

I’ve done a little bit of reference collecting (though need to do more) and am quite excited about the possibilities.


My previous exhibition wasn’t really the finished set of paintings I wanted it to be, and I still have at least five paintings I need to paint to add to it.
In addition to these, I’d really like to paint more musicians, and also dancers and sportspeople as I would like to further explore the expression of movement through my painting.

If you are or know of any musicians, dancers or sportspeople who would like to be painted, please get in touch.

Surrey Contemporary Art Fair

Oil alla prima paintings

I am taking part in the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair in March. I’m very mindful that I’ll need to paint pictures that people will want to buy, rather than just being self indulgent!

My plan is to paint lots of oil alla prima paintings of still lifes, as well as trying to paint some smaller pieces on the themes above that are not too intensely portraits of individual people, but portraits of emotion. Well that’s the plan anyway!

Self portrait

I haven’t painted a self portrait for a while, and I do want to make sure I keep painting self portraits on a fairly regular basis as it gives me a really good insight into how my work is changing, as well as how I am changing!

Find out about why I like painting self portraits.


Fab greeting cardI find painting watercolours unwinds me, though it’s been a long process to get comfortable with them, and is a reason why I like to teach people how to use them as I went through a lot of trial and error!

I’d like to get a collection of little still life studies that I can put on greetings cards like this lolly one that I just had made!



So that’s a lot of work, and I’m hoping to plan it out so I can get as much done as possible!

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