One of my goals for this year is to complete a series of paintings. To do that I need to be using a style that brings together the different things I want to say in each painting so as a whole the series looks cohesive. Basically, alongside finding my subject matter I need to work out a style!

I have a few ideas in mind for subject matter so rather than worrying about what to do I thought it was best to start experimenting.

Using oils, I’m going to prime some canvas boards in a variety of colours and apply colour on top in different ways to see what effects I can get. I’m thinking mostly about how I can use different effects in  backgrounds to show different moods. Hopefully this will give me a library of styles to work from, I’m sure some will be terrible but then you learn from what doesn’t work too!

First attempts

I’ve had a first try with the oil paints this morning. Some of these might need further layering but I enjoyed painting these and seeing how colours interact with other colours  and the difference that textures make. I’m looking forward to doing more.

  • Top left: cadmium red background with cadmium red, permanent rose and phthalo blue palette knife (will work this up some more)
  • Top right: ultramarine blue background with cerulean and cobalt teal blue brushwork
  • Bottom left: black background with yellow, red and white brushwork, drips and spatters (may work this up some more)
  • Bottom right: cadmium red background, blue and alizirin crimson with cobalt teal overlaid and permant rose and white over the red.


Background experiments

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