Less than a month to go until my exhibition and there is a lot to think about and do, this is most definitely a learning curve!

Exhibition poster

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I’m slightly disappointed in myself that I didn’t manage to get more big paintings done, but the gallery is small and the paintings are large so I definitely think they’ll have impact. There is so much to think about I am lurching between frozen panic, frenzied activity and exhaustion!

Here’s my to current to-do list:

  • Put the final touches to a couple of the paintings
  • Frame some of the big paintings
  • Research the best way to get the smaller portraits framed
  • Get them framed
  • Get good photographs of the pieces so some of them will be available as prints
  • Order prints
  • Gather together my supporting material, pencil, pastel and paint sketches and and work out how best to display them
  • Publicise the event

Not much eh? I had hoped to get another two paintings in but I think that’s way too ambitious. I’m trying really hard to think of good ways to publicise, so if you have any cool ideas for how to tell people or who to tell, or if you’re friends with any celebrities who might want to come to my opening night let me know!

Wish me luck folks, I am actually very excited and as always very grateful to Artistic UK for giving me this opportunity.

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