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Painting progress

I'm still working on my series of paintings from my sketch trip to Leeds. After all the studies and the alla prima heads I drew and painted I've got to bite the bullet, stop procrastinating and get stuck in to the main pieces. Exhibition! The big news, and the main...

Finding your art style

When you are learning how to draw and paint being able to recognise your style can be one of the biggest frustrations, but it just means learning how to paint consistently, confidently and recognisably in your own visual 'voice'. Learning from others For a long time I...

News, exhibitions and updates

My experience of my first solo exhibition

From 16-20 October my exhibition 'Passions - Superpowers of everyday people' was shown in London at Nolias Gallery, Bankside. Artistic UK presented the exhibition, hung it, and supported me through it. Private View Private view is a bit of a misnomer as...

Planning and painting an exhibition

Having just spent six months painting for an exhibition, I thought I'd write down all the things I have done and learned, and I can because I wrote lists. Lots of lists. Finding a venue If you are thinking of having an exhibition, you may already have a venue in mind,...


It's the night before the exhibition. I think I've done everything, I hope I've done everything. I'll post Al the steps I had to go through to prepare when it's all over, I can, because I made lots and lots of lists! I'm very nervous about standing up in front of...

Countdown to exhibition week!

Less than a month to go until my exhibition and there is a lot to think about and do, this is most definitely a learning curve! I'm slightly disappointed in myself that I didn't manage to get more big paintings done, but the gallery is small and the paintings are...


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