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I am predominantly a portrait and figurative artist working in oils and am compelled to tell peoples’ stories though paint. I want my paintings to be more than photographic representations, I want the viewer to feel the emotions and character of the people I paint.

Reality is important to me, not in terms of copying but of creating a sense of what’s there; of character, energy and presence.

I feel that the materiality of paint can be harnessed for emotive power and storytelling. As well as realism, I use abstract areas with impasto, coloured lines for emphasis, and quieter areas ,where the image disappears into drips to become more intangible. It is an evolving and exploratory process where experiments with colour and mark making can steer my direction.

 The stories I currently want to tell are about motherhood and social isolation. With these larger, more complex paintings, I use initial compositional sketches, collage, and maquettes to plan multi-figure layouts thinking about traditional compositional schemata and how I can subtly subvert these. 

I am actively engaged in creating paintings responding to women’s position in society and the power we have to break the boundaries we have been traditionally painted within. I am particularly influenced by my catholic upbringing and experiences as a young, economically disadvantaged mother. I want to talk about the impact of women not achieving our potential as well as the beauty we can bring and the fundamental role we have in creating a healthy, functioning world. As an artist, my intention is to (re) frame women as subjects and through  use of materials to give women a more active voice and representation.

I draw and paint regularly from life, as I feel it is the best training for the eye, and the best way to develop visual discrimination.



Kristin returned to painting after serious illness, and studied under various renowned portrait and figurative artists, learning about portraiture and oil painting. Realising she needed to add weight to her work, she undertook an MA in Fine Art at the University of Reading where she achieved a Distinction and won the Owen Ridley MA Prize for Fine Art. During her studies, Kristin became interested in feminist theory in relation to paint and began to question the idealised representation of motherhood within the Art Canon. She continues to explore this topic alongside portraiture and figure painting.

Kristin has exhibited in a number of solo and group shows in London and the South East including the Society of Women Artists and ING Discerning Eye.

Kristin is committed to helping other people explore their own art and regularly teaches drawing and painting one-to-one and in small groups.


See a list of places I have exhibited on my exhibitions page.




Brenda Magazine: Blue, Issue 7, May 2021

My painting ‘The Judging’ featured in this issue.


Artists and Illustrators Magazine: October 2019

My painting ‘Dream’ featured in the Portfolio Plus ‘Fresh Paint’ section, with an interview with me about the piece.

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