I thought I’d show you how some of my recent portraits developed.

I’ve painted these on Arches oil paper all in one go (alla prima), so without layers of glazes. Each painting is done in a day to take advantage of the properties of working wet on wet into oil paint.

Working in this way gives a softer effect (a few people have thought these are pastels), and you can get beautiful colour blends, but you have to be super careful not to over-layer the paint or else it turns into a big muddy mess. It’s important to think carefully about the marks you make (well try to anyway!)

This is a style of painting I’ve been wanting to get right for ages so I’m throwing myself into it and doing as much as I can to try to perfect it.

The paintings will either be supplementary work for an exhibition, or part of the #100headschallenge where people challenge themselves to draw or paint 100 portraits. Or even both!

It’s taking a lot of effort to concentrate long enough to paint these in one sitting and is pretty exhausting but I’m enjoying it.

My process is to draw out the sitter in paint, fill in the main colours then refine and refine. You can see how I correct the likeness at each stage.

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