About Kristin

I’m a portrait and figurative painter. It’s really important to me that the paintings and drawings I create capture emotion and personality, because that way they create a lasting and special picture that moves the person who receives it and the people who look at it.

I also teach, and I am particularly interested in building my pupils’ confidence and through technical exercises and creative explorations, allow them to find their own voice and become confident artists.

Artist statement and Bio

Find out more about how I have developed my painting and why I work how I do by reading my Artist statement and biography.

I work in oils, acrylics pastel, watercolour and pencil, here’s a little bit about these media and what makes them special:

Oil painting

Oil paints are fantastic to build in layers to give great depth and tone and that’s how I like to use them, with or without glazes. I think the depth you can achieve gives extra emotion to a painting, and I love how the rich colours blend. Oil colours are traditional and lasting.

Acrylic painting

Acrylic paints are quick to use and vibrant in colour.  I try to work with loose layers of colour that build up an interesting and lively effect.


Pastels are quick and versatile to use for sketches or more detailed work. They are beautiful for capturing the softness of fur and so work really well for pet portraits.


Watercolour is so very different to oils and acrylics as the colour is built up from light to dark. I love the lightness, freshness and unpredictability of the medium.


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