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Hi, I’m Kristin, thanks for visiting my website!

Whether you’re looking for somebody to paint a portrait to tell your story in a lasting way, or for a statement painting that connects with your feelings, memories and talents, I can help.

I  create portraits and figure paintings in oils using traditional techniques with the addition of vibrant colour that make them truly unique and packed with life, expression and emotion.

I am as passionate about the practice of painting as I am about the work I create and the stories I tell. I have trained under the best portrait painters, including Felicia Forte, Tim Benson and Nicolas Uribe. I paint and draw regularly from life to ensure the quality of my work is always the best it can be.

Painting people is what drives me as an artist, because I love the challenge of depicting who they are, as well as the technical challenge of portraying what they look like. Here’s a blog post I wrote about why I paint people

I am currently working as an Artist-in-Residence at The Abbey School in Reading.



I have exhibited my work in group and solo exhibitions in London and the South of England.

See a full list of where I have exhibited my work.


Artist statement and Bio

Find out more about how I have developed my painting and why I work how I do by reading my Artist statement and biography.

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