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Whether you lack the confidence to dive back into painting and drawing after a long break, or you are unsure about how to use the materials you’d like to try, I can help.

Find out about the basics of drawing and get tips to help you see how to check if your work is correct or not. I can help you learn how to use pencil, watercolour or acrylic, including how to pick the right colours. My specialist subject is portraiture, but I can also teach you about landscape and still life.

I teach all levels of ability from beginners to experienced, and will carefully work with you to help you understand different media and subjects. I would also love to help you to move forward and discover your own unique artistic style.


I’m passionate about what I do because for a long time I didn’t have the confidence to paint. Illness taught me that life’s too short not to do what you love and I took it up again.

Starting to paint after a break meant making mistakes, which I found tough, but it’s helped me to help others avoid some of the ways that I went wrong.

Creating makes me so happy and I’d love to share that joy of art with you.


“If you’re in the Yateley Hampshire area on tri-county border of Surrey/Berks/Hants and are looking for a little art help or a private lesson I cannot recommend Kristin Rawcliffe highly enough. She came to me yesterday and I couldn’t have asked for more. Kind, considerate, sweet, bossy, and incredibly knowledgable about her subject…..in this case acrylic.”


Learn to paint with me

Kristin RawcliffeI love to paint and I also love to teach. I’m passionate about helping more people learn new skills and discover a love of painting for themselves.
It’s not as difficult as you might think.I teach of range of abilities, from complete beginners onwards.
Find out where I’m teaching classes and come along​.

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