I’m planning a series of portraits to try to build a cohesive body of work.

It’s quite easy to get stuck in your ways and paint only what and who is around you so I decided to be a bit brave and go on a sketching trip. My son works in Leeds and knows a number of musicians and performers, so he put a call out for volunteer sitters and this week I’ve been up in Yorkshire interviewing, photographing and sketching a variety of fantastic people who I will go home and paint.

The question I asked my sitters was “What is your superpower? Or what is the thing about yourself that makes you you?” I want to create a series of pictures that is positive and varied and makes the viewer see a range of talents and characteristics that people have. I really wanted to create positive images having worked a lot in recent years on paintings that deal with depression and are quite dark.

I’ve met some incredibly interesting and talented people this week whose chosen representations include musicians, explainers, being happy, absurdist comedy performers, and other things that you’ll have to wait to see!

It’s been brilliant talking to new people about what they do and trying to observe and capture their uniqueness in a short space of time.

Now I have an incredible amount of work ahead of me but bring it on I say!

20 minute sketches drawn on my trip to Leeds

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