I’m proud to be part of a huge exhibition this summer in White City, London (The Crows Nest Gallery, W10 6RP) from 3rd August to 23rd August 2018.

The show is called 50/50 and is presented by Artistic UK who say:

“We will be embracing the possibilities of the future in all their outcomes, good and bad. The space in time where everything is both likely and unlikely. The uncanny! Artists continually explore this 50/50 zone and expose the other possibilities for us all. They allow us to see the other side of the coin.
The idea of this show is that throughout the event 50 charities will work alongside the exhibition of 50 artists. Finding new possibilities and new ways of working.”


I’m going to be showing one older piece and one newer piece, neither of which have been exhibited anywhere before.


Private View is 3rd August 208, 6pm – 11pm if you fancy joining me!

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