Kristin Rawcliffe

The Judging

Work for my MA in Fine Art

I have been painting a series of work based on motherhood and isolation for my MA in Fine Art.

My paintings explore the effects of oil paint on story telling, and how its use can alter the feeling of the work.
I also represent experiences as a mother that examine the traditional representations of motherhood we see in art and the media.

You can see my paintings and my supporting work at


Imagine giving the gift of a stunning portrait. There’s simply nothing like it – one of the most personal gifts imaginable, immortalising a loved one and bringing so much joy for years to come. If you’ve never considered commissioning artwork before, ​take a look at my gallery​ – or f​ind out about the commission process, including styles, prices and sizes​.

If you aren’t sure, here’s a post I wrote on everything you need to know about commissions but are afraid to ask

“If a picture paints a thousand words, Kristin paints a novel”

With a style built from my practice of traditional painting techniques, I want to create portraits and statement pieces for you that are truly unique and packed full of colour, expression and emotion.


Whether you want to commission a portrait to give as a unique gift or to celebrate your own journey, I can help.  I also have a gallery of statement paintings based on music and emotion ready to grace your home or workplace.

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